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Please read the following guidelines before downloading the presentation!

Treat this presentation as a buffet, and choose slides and topics as you wish. A typical one-hour public lecture should be roughly 50 slides, and this site provides many more here than will fit in the time allotted.

Many of the slides contain animation. Non-animated versions are available at the end of the presentation for those few slides that are unviewable when not animated.

Please read the notes included with each slide; they include explanatory information, links to suggested videos, notes about animations, and explanations for photos and illustrations.

Just like the posters and post cards, the presentation is available with four different background themes. The ATLAS and CMS presentations come with slides specific to those experiments. The presentations on the Particle Tracks (green) and Accelerator (orange) contain slides specific to all four LHC experiments.

These presentations will be periodically updated with additional or improved content. If you have suggestions for how the presentation content can be improved or expanded, please don't hesitate to contact Kathryn Grim.

Many thanks to Katie Yurkewicz and Elizabeth Clements at Fermilab for first putting together these slides. Many thanks also to those whose LHC talks provided inspiration for this presentation, including James Gillies, Dave Barney, Souvik Das, and the creators of the CERN standard presentation.

For more information about this presentation, please contact Kathryn Grim.