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[ Style Guide ] Postcard Templates



Please read the following terms of use carefully as they contain important information regarding permission to use imagery.

The posters and postcards may not be sold. The user may only change the areas of text as indicated in the poster style guide.

The user may not alter the background image, including the typography, in any way, shape or form. This imagery has been approved by U.S. CMS and U.S. ATLAS, the sponsoring organizations, for use only in this format.

A space has been allotted for the user to insert one or more logos from his or her institution. The CERN, Fermilab, U.S. Department of Energy and National Science Foundation logos must remain on the poster and postcard.

If you do not have experience modifying graphic design files, seek professional help at your institution when adding your own text and logo to the poster and postcard.

Please be sure to read the Style Guide for both the posters and the post cards before modifying the files.

For scientists giving presentations in languages other than English, the images used as the background of the poster and postcard templates are available in translatable versions as Adobe InDdesign files. Please contact Kathryn Grim at CERN ( to obtain the files. Obtaining the help of a professional graphics designer is recommended when attempting to modify the images. NSF and DOE logos must remain on all versions of the poster and postcard, as those agencies have supported the development of all materials related to this lecture series. The fonts used in the poster and postcard are Mac fonts. If you have trouble with the specified fonts, Arial will make a good substitution for DIN, and Aquiline can be downloaded for free on (search for "Aquiline").