Scientists on the ATLAS collaboration, along with scientists on the CMS collaboration, announced on July 4, 2012, the discovery of the Higgs boson. Scientists from US institutions make up nearly a quarter of the ATLAS collaboration. The US ATLAS collaboration includes more than 700 physicists, engineers and graduate students from 44 US institutions.

US groups have participated significantly in every phase of the ATLAS project—from planning to construction and installation to data collection and analysis. As of today, the US provides about 23 percent of the total computing power that allows physicists throughout the country to retrieve data and complete analyses.

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Physicist Fabiola Gianotti, leader of the ATLAS experiment in 2012, announces the discovery of the Higgs boson [starts at slide 120].

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Event Displays

An event display showing what the ATLAS detector sees when a Higgs boson decays into four electrons

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