Michael Schmitt

I have been a professor at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, since 2000. At the time, I was a member of the CDF collaboration hoping to find the Higgs boson and to do some physics with W and Z bosons.  More recently, however, my research is entirely focused on CMS, where I co-lead the Electroweak Physics Group.

As a postdoc and one-time CERN Staff member, I analyzed data from the ALEPH experiment, and my Ph.D. from Harvard was granted in 1991 based on an analysis of exclusive rho production in the E665 muon scattering experiment at Fermilab.

I'm a bit older than my fellow bloggers here, so I hope they and the readers will be patient with me. ;)

A couple words more about my physics interests: I have worked in many areas, ranging from non-mainstream QCD topics through B physics and precision electroweak measurements. My main claim to notability comes from my work in SUSY searches, and my long-term interest at CMS lies with new physics searches. This is true, of course, for most physicists at the LHC.

At home I enjoy the company of my wife and two preteen kids, so my private concerns will differ from those of the graduate students who post here at US LHC blogs. At least some of my blogging takes place at swim meets and at odd moments during family activities, but I hope that will not lessen their quality - the readers can be the judges.