Anna Phan

I'm a postdoctoral researcher working on the LHCb experiment. I'm based at CERN and employed by Syracuse University, the only US institute in the collaboration. I'd always enjoyed maths and science in primary school, but developed a strong interest in computers and programming in high school. I actually decided to take programming instead of physics in my final year! Luckily, I saw the error of my ways and I was able to pursue both physics and programming in my double undergraduate degree at The University of Melbourne. From there, research in experimental particle physics was the natural choice, since it’s a physics field in which I can apply my programming skills. I did both my final year honours project and PhD on ATLAS. My research topic was searching for the light supersymmetry top quark. After years of searching and not finding anything, I decided to change experiment and focus on understanding the Standard Model in more detail. When I’m not in front of a computer, I love travelling to new places and learning new things. Currently my interests are photography and knitting, but I should probably learn a few more useful skills like cooking and speaking French!