Aidan Randle-Conde

I'm a postdoc working on the ATLAS experiment. I'm based full-time at CERN and employed by Southern Methodist University. Although I work for a US institute, I'm actually British and gained my undergraduate degree at Oxford. I then studied as a graduate student at Brunel University in London, and from there I moved to California to take part in research at SLAC National Laboratory. After living in the USA for two and a half years, I decided that I loved the way the research was organized there, so working for a US university was a natural next step!

I've taken part in a range of different experiments, both large and small, including ATLAS, BaBar, CDF and EMMA. I have a particular fondness for "heavy" flavor physics (which is considered light at the LHC), but I bet my interests will change in 2011 as we gather even more data at the highest collider energies the world has ever seen!

In my spare time I love to travel and explore the world, but when that's not possible you can usually find me working on some esoteric project on my website or helping out with the LGBT CERN group. And I love telling people about physics.