Wayne State University

Wayne State Press Release
Drs. Paul Karchin and Rob Harr joining the CMS Collaboration. Image Courtesy Wayne State University.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy group of Wayne State University, located in Detroit, Michigan, participates in the CMS experiment at the LHC. Our group includes 4 faculty members, 1 scientist, and 3 PhD students.

Our group is a member of the CMS team that commissioned and operates the cathode strip chambers that measure muons that penetrate the end-caps of the CMS detector.

Construction Contributions

We helped write the computer software that is used to convert the "raw" data from the cathode strip chambers to a form that is used by higher-level software to reconstruct muon trajectories. We also study the reconstructed muon trajectories to make sure they optimally use the information from the cathode strip chambers.

Current Projects and Future Goals

Wayne State team members help operate the CSC system and monitor CMS data quality by taking "control room shifts" that make possible the 24/7 operation of the experiment.

We are preparing analysis methods to study signals for new particles seen as "contact interactions" producing pairs of oppositely charged muons. We are also developing methods to study charm particle production which depends on the behavior of the strong interaction at previously unexplored collision energies.

For the hadron calorimeters, we are developing methods to test and calibrate silicon photomultipliers which are sensitive devices used to detect the light produced from cascades of particles produced in the absorption plates.