Stony Brook University

The Stony Brook particle physics group joined ATLAS in 1998. Our ATLAS group consists of four faculty (Engelmann, Hobbs, McCarthy, Rijssenbeek) and a senior research scientist (Schamberger), three postdoctoral research associates (Ahmad, Khodinov, Yurkewicz), six graduate students (Caputo, DeWilde, Farley, Goodson, Grimm, Novak, Thioye), and one to three undergraduate students.

Building on our calorimeter expertise at the DZero experiment at Fermilab, we have designed and constructed all the high-voltage feedthroughs and filters for one subsystem of the complex ATLAS detector, the ATLAS liquid argon (LAr) calorimeters. These calorimeters measure the properties of electrons and photons emitted from the proton collisions in the center of ATLAS as well as the energies of most other particles. We have worked on software development for the LAr digital signal filters and data formatting hardware. Currently, we are all involved in LAr commissioning—testing the system and preparing it for operations—as well as in software and analysis development. One postdoctoral research associate is working on the commissioning of the Cathode Strip Chambers, part of ATLAS' muon detection system, and on simulations of the muon system performance.

We are strongly involved in calibrating the LAr using electrons from Z and W bosons and from J/psi particles, which are good calibration sources for the electromagnetic calorimeters. We are studying and improving the measurement of missing transverse energy, important for the search of new particles expected in most supersymmetric theories. We are involved with the measurement of forward protons emitted at very small angles with respect to the beams, which provide an  alternate method of searching for the Higgs boson. Finally, we are working on the ATLAS detector upgrade.

 ATLAS Stony Brook group