Brandeis University

Brandeis team near MDT (muon drift tube) detectors
Brandeis physicists in front of precision muon chambers. Images Courtesy of Brown University

The Brandeis HEP group (Christoph Amelung, Jim Bensinger, Craig Blocker, Larry Kirsch, Hermann Wellenstein, and their students) is a member of the ATLAS experiment. Our primary activity has to build the endcap muon precision chambers and their alignment system. ATLAS requires a high precision muon system -- precisely made chambers and accurate knowledge of their locations. The Brandeis group joined ATLAS in 1994 and since then we have been heavily involved in all aspects of the development of this system.

We were instrumental in the design and construction of the US precision muon chambers. We developed the construction method and produced all tooling for chamber construction, developed the basic ideas of the gas distribution system, and designed, developed and produced the alignment system for all of the endcap chambers. And we have worked with CERN colleagues on the layout and integration of the endcap muon system, in particular with the big and small wheels.

As the assembly of the experiment nears completion, we will be focusing our efforts on commissioning the detector to insure that it is ready for data-taking when the collider turns on. In the future, we plan to participate in data-taking, data analysis, and the opportunity to explore a new energy realm in particle physics.>